In my career I had the honor to play with a lot of very fine musicians.
I learned a great deal from great mentors.
I made lots of friends along the way. 
And I am so proud, that i am part of a wild bunch of loving, passionate, curious, talented Musicians, Producers, Singers and Songwriters. 

Here is some of my Work in no particular order:

Bassplayer: for Ria, Tinian, Lucas Newman and the Newmanation, Alex Parker, Igor Landy, Urban Funk Bash, 
Pierre Ferdinand et le Charmeurs, Ganove (Alli Neumann), 
David Garrett (TV Show), Glare, Elin Bell and many more...

I also do some videocontent for Thomann / Harley Benton official.

Lucas Newman and the Newmanation 
as a bassplayer and musical director i had great fun working on this project. Here is an excerpt of the fine popmusic we played at the time

music has to mean something. 
This particular album (that is soon to be released) tells the sad and imposing story of the infamous "little boy" the first atomic bomb to be used on human civilian life. It was the darkest hour and the worst possible outcome of a new technology. It was and is a true honor and a matter of the heart, to be part of that band and the creative process.

Elin Bell - Live
As a one of experience i had the opportunity to play a "relative impromtu" Livesession with the wonderful Elin Bell - see for yourself.

thomann - the biggest name in audioequipment (at least in europe)
I had several opportunities to help out as a bassplayer and as a producer within the Harley Benton Official Youtube channel. Talking gear, talking bass and play, what more to ask for? 
btw. if you want something "bassnerdy" this video is the place ;)