i am a tech guy

with encreasing experience I had the chance to show my technical talents as a Live and Studio Engineer, aswell as Head of Audio for several big names in the german streaming scene. 

My work includes: 

Head of Audio and close Cooperation for Productions of Webedia, Esport-Factory and Laser Studios. Including Streams at Gamescom, Dreamhack Germany, Esport Factory including the legendary "Friendly Fire 5" aswell as "Friendly Fire 6event.
Mixing of the Podcastcontent of Mein-MMO.de

Regular Studio Recordings at 106hz Studios Hamburg.
Recordings at Big House Studios Hannover.
Recordings at Audio Lodge.
Live Recordings whenever needed.

FoH Mixing on Tour for Jail Job Eve 
FoH Services for Hochschule Osnabrück aswell as Lagerhalle Osnabrück.
FoH services are available for hire just hit me up for Details.


12 hours straight tour de force, not counting the preparation..
and worth. every. minute. 
over one million euros donated all for a good cause... its was a hell of a ride